Christ, the Steadfast Anchor


Here at Zoe Clothing we want to help create opportunities for conversations, and it can be as simple as wearing a shirt! This logo is perfect for office attire or for school. We understand that some work places and schools don't allow overtly Christian shirts, so in order to meet this need some of our clothing features only our logo.

New Life in Christ

These new shirts feature a smaller logo in order that they may be worn to work, school, or at your leisure. The name “Zoe” in the design represents the new life we have in Christ. New life is not simply cosmetic, or mere imitation of new life; rather, “Zoe” means resurrection; Christ takes something dead and creates something alive. As Christians, this new life in Christ means that He transforms everything about us.

The Anchor of the Soul

The anchor in the logo brings to mind passages like Hebrew 6:19, which says, “We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul..” Christ is the One who is our anchor, security, and stillness. His presence brings us certainty and peace. 

Life has many storms, and the soul, like a ship on the sea, is pushed by the tides of trepidation, despair, and uncertainty. The instability of not knowing causes anxiety to control us. Like a ship that is unanchored and dangerously drifting, swayed by wind and tide, so is our life without Christ. The logo, though small, represents enormous truth, and encourages us to worship the One who permanently connects us to Himself.

We hope you enjoy these new shirts! May the truth they represent remind and refresh you with hope.


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Jessica Sarah

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Jessica Sarah

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