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Fishes and Loaves

We, Fishes and Loaves, have been long time customers of Zoe Clothing Co since we first formed our company in 2002.  We have been so happy with their customer service, the quality of their shirts and just getting to know all the employees at ZCC over the years. Our ministry is to serve churches, youth groups, prisons, adolescent homes, etc. and knowing that our products from ZCC are excellent and timely helps us focus on what we are supposed to - bring laughter to the groups we serve and share Christ's love.  Christian improv is a great way to reach people for Christ by breaking barriers through laughter, allowing us to share the gospel and minister to others. Thanks Zoe Clothing for your support and all your work!  


  • HI-larious! ;)

    Posted by Sarah on October 05, 2011

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