A Simple and Faithful Father

As you search our website you won't find much about the owners of Zoe Clothing. It is because we've always wanted the apparel to be about God and His Word, but for this story you need to know a little about us. Kelly (head designer) and I are brothers and have been blessed to own a graphic design and screen-printing company for many years. We love what we do and have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and support a lot of amazing ministries. Last December we lost our father, Tom Kira. I loved him and am so thankful for what he taught me. The best way to describe my dad is simple and faithful. I know I will miss him more on this Father's Day, but I wanted to share with my extended Zoe family what I shared at his memorial service. I share this as an encouragement and challenge to all the fathers out there.

"I was once asked, “What is a father?” I responded, “A father is a living example of what is important and what is not.” My Dad was a living example of what was important and what was not. Fame and fortune were not important. Success and security were not important. Appearance was not important— you have all seen how he dressed.

My Dad knew what was important. Supporting your kids as they play sports was important. My dad came to all of my freshman football games even though I sat the bench the whole season. Spending time with his boys was important. Dad taught us how to fish and camp. He taught us the beauty of a great action movie and the pointless nature of a romantic comedy. He taught us the necessity of always having a pocketknife. You never know when you will need to cut a straw apart so your favorite son has a spoon for his Slurpee. When I was with my Dad I never felt like I wanted to be somewhere else. He wanted to spend time with me. Loving his wife was important. Dad would wait outside as Mom pulled into the driveway so he could greet her with a hug and kiss. Character was important. It didn’t matter how many goals you made, touchdowns you scored, or A’s and B’s you got on a report card. These things were meaningless if not done with Godly character. Loving others was important. Dad always had an open chair at the dinner table and room on the couch for anyone who needed a place to stay. But most of all, loving his Savior was important. His love for the Gospel spilled over into every area of his life. He was kind because he loved Jesus. He was patient because he loved Jesus. He was a great husband and father because he loved Jesus.

I have never had someone close to me pass away so it has been difficult. Reading through my Dad’s ipad, I found something he wrote that has encouraged me. My Dad wrote, “This is my encouragement to you. Continue to love and worship God, be immersed in His Word, be obedient to Him and seek His will and He will give us the joy to power through any struggles we encounter.”

Charles Caleb Cotton wrote in 1820, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” This is true of my Dad and me. I never wanted to be like Mike, or like any other athlete. I never wanted to be like my friends or even my brothers. I just wanted to be like my Dad. I wanted to be funny like my Dad. I wanted to be able to fix things, works on cars, and build things like my Dad. I wanted to be able to cook and BBQ like my Dad. I wanted to be a husband like my Dad. I wanted to be a father like my Dad. I wanted to love God and love others like my Dad.

I just want to be like my Dad."


I came across your site through a woman you donated stem cells too. This has been the toughest year of my life. Going through double bereavement, losing my aunt (my 2nd mother to cancer), my MIL, whom God gave me to cherish and look after for the last 3 years my life, as if she was indeed my own child. Then this year, acknowledging the abuse from my ordained husband who became addicted to meds. He is now seeking help as I am for healing from there Lord. I am sorry for the loss of your father. I hope God grants you the desires deep within your heart, to love God and love others how your dad did. One day when you reunite in the glory of the heavens, I am sure it will be a beautiful site. Thank you for being transparent and sharing your story.


Thank you for sharing this Jared. Your dad’s legacy truly lives on through each of you brothers. God is good and I am blessed to have known your dad too. Happy Father’s day to all of you…By His Grace alone…

Tracy Kaku

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