Action Youth Ministry

Our Goal is to see millions of students from various churches, denominations, and backgrounds make a united stand for Jesus Christ and become one powerful force to express God’s love in our schools and communities. Action Youth Ministry (A.Y.M.) holds regular full services once a month at different church locations on the 3rd Saturday, complete with a live band, dramas, personal stories, a short biblical teaching, and lots of interaction. In addition to connecting in a large group setting students get to know each other on deeper levels with Godly relationships sparked.

A.Y.M. also meets for special events, which can be anything from a bible study to a battle of the bands. More than anything, A.Y.M. is known as a group of students who are outrageously accepting and love to have fun. A.Y.M. is a place where students can investigate and explore who God is within an environment that is safe, welcoming, and geared toward relevant life issues. A.Y.M. is also a place where they will be welcomed as the beautiful unique individual that God has created them to be and are encouraged to dive deeper into a loving relationship with God.

We have partnered with Zoe Clothing Company to help raise support. Simply type in "AYM" in the discount code box and 25% of that sale will go directly to our ministry. Thanks and God Bless! 

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