Faith Bible Church

At Faith Bible Church, we celebrate adoption! First and foremost, we rejoice that we who were once dead in our transgressions and sins have been made alive in Christ. That we, who were enemies of God, have now been made His sons and daughters. His great love that would reach down and redeem us also gives us a heart to celebrate and participate in the joy of adopting children into our homes and lives through domestic and international adoption and foster care. 

Several families at FBC are currently adopting. Lord willing, in the next year there will be two children arriving from DRC, one from China, one from Ethiopia, and one through the US foster system. We rejoice at the opportunity this provides not only for the families and the children coming into them, but also for the entire church body as we get to learn and grow together.

Purchasing a shirt through this fundraiser not only provides you with a really cool shirt (which is true!), but also with the opportunity to encourage these FBC adoptive families through your excitement, gives you a tangible reminder to pray for them as you wear the shirt, and also helps them with their travel costs - Zoe Clothing Company has graciously agreed to give 25% of each shirt sales to the FBC Adoptive Families! Simple type in FBCadopt in the discount code box during checkout and 25% of the sale will go directly to this ministry.

Thank you for your support, love, and prayers for these families and children!