Goodworth Adoption

We are doing great and are so grateful for so much help from so many to bring our son home!

This fundraiser is closed. We talked about adoption on our first date.  My experiences in missions and my husband's experiences growing up with foster children made this a common passion in our marriage and life.  We have been involved in missions and global issues as a family and 3 years ago finalized the process to adopt from Ethiopia

Due to the struggles with Ethiopian adoption, things slowed down and then basically ....stopped.  Because we keep ourselves very busy in meaningful things, we were willing to wait.  However, as time drags on, you get discouraged.  After pursuing a few special needs waiting children in other programs, and it not working out, we were assuming adoption would be YEARS down the road if in our future at all.

We got a phone call just after Valentine's day asking if we would consider a 5 year old boy.  We had total peace to pursue it.  After seeing his sweet face and learning his story, though we are nervous and humbled by how much we need to learn and help him with. We feel so certain that this boy is to be in our family.  We weep and pray for the loss he has had and the loss his family had that led to this hard turn of events in his life.  We are seeking to change our world upside down to love this sweet child and raise him confident in who God made him to be and God's redemptive work in his life.  

You can help us raise money for this adoption. Simply type in the discount code "Goodworth" during checkout and 25% of the entire sale will go to our adoption! This offer ends April 17.