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GO! India 2012!

"Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exist because worship doesn't." -John Piper

It is a great privilege and an amazing opportunity to be involved with overseas mission work, and it is a joy to consider that this summer we will spend ten weeks in the North of India, serving alongside faithful missionaries who have been laboring to bring the gospel to a people that has mostly never heard of the King of kings. The Master's College summer missions program has resolved to send students every year all over the globe for the purpose of furthering the Kingdom by assisting local missionaries in their work. And our group, Davi Caldera, Mishaela Parker, Kristen Botteron, Nate Hughes, Dorcas Kim, and Wagner Floriani, is currently being prepared for this trip by The Master's College Global Outreach program, as well as partnering with our respective local churches toward this endeavor.

India is a country run-down by poverty, disease, and false-religion. Specifically in North India, Hinduism is prevalent, and Islam is a strong cause for conflict in the area. Additionally, in a society that essentially instituted the caste system, where people are categorized into higher or lower social classes based on Hindu tradition, the people of India have been oppressed under a false reality which they claim as truth for a few thousands years. This nation, in the North especially, is considered to be a mostly unreached nation. Meaning: most of the people in the country have never seen a Bible, heard of Jesus or the gospel, or even seen a Christian.

In the beginning of summer, team India will be receiving and intensive training in Hindi, Indian culture and history, and ESL before beginning this trip. And during our time there we will be involved in leading various different outreach activities such as ESL classes, music classes, and soccer camps. The agency sending us will continue to equip us throughout this trip so that we are enabled to share the gospel more effectively in all our different outreach settings. Our goal is to be blessing to the missionary families that will host us, and be able to assist them in their ministry in any way possible as co-laborers for the gospel! At the end of the day, our prayer is to see people coming to a saving knowledge of Christ and worshiping the true God of the Scriptures!

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We not only need your gifts, but the primary way in which you can serve us is by praying for us and for India. This cannot be overemphasized, since it is the Lord alone who can bless and lead us on this journey to see His name famous among the nations!

May the Lord bless you! And Thank You!
Team India
Eph. 3:20-21