This is my friend Marcelo and he is a missionary on Brazil.  He has had a tremendous impact on my life and my Christian walk.  Years ago he took me in and I lived with his family near Sao Paulo.  I got to see first hand what it is like to be missionary. He did not have much but he was generous, feeding me every day. He has been an amazing example of a humble servant. When I think of Marcelo and his family I am reminded of the passage

Marcelo uses sports to reach out and share the Gospel with the Brazilian people. He has some amazing opportunities this upcoming year. He will be front and center for the Summer Olympics. He also works with the northern tribes in Brazil, using soccer camps to share the good new of Jesus Christ.

I have always wanted to help him and now I have the platform. I would like to get people to support him monthly. As a thank you you will receive a Zoe gift card!

Living with Marcelo I learned that financial support is very inconsistent and can really make ministry difficult.  I am looking for 100 of our friends to give $15 monthly. A one time gift is really appreciated but it is the consistent giver that helps missionaries to plan and budget. Please prayerfully consider my friend. Any amount is appreciated.

We will update you regularly about his ministry and how you can be praying for Marcelo and his family.