Robertson Adoption


Robbie & Sasha Robertson are and adventurous, goofy, hardworking couple that are ready to grow their family. They met in 2008 when Sasha was a teller at the bank and Robbie was one of her regular customers that just couldn't seem to stay away. He would randomly come to make withdrawals from his account just for an excuse to see her. Married a year later and off on their first adventure, together moving to England for 4 years, their love grew deep and wide.

 Tragedy struck in 2012 when they were told they wouldn't have children of their own. It was a long journey through heartbreak that lead to an amazing redemption story as they have grown closer as a couple and closer to the Lord.

This amazing story is leading to a bright new chapter.

 Pouring into their nieces, nephews, and friends kids for years, they are ready to welcome home an infant of their own. They are incredibly thankful for the gift of adoption, not just their own into God's family, but the gift that allows them to be able to grow their family in this incredible way. They are super excited to be on their #journeytobe3 and share their love with a new baby and birth mother. Partnered with Faithful Adoption Consultants, friends, and family, they are ready to break into the world of parenting a child of their own. Please join them in helping to raise funds for their journey!

You can help raise money for this adoption. Simply type in the discount code "ROBERTSON" during checkout and 25% of the entire sale will go to our adoption! This fundraiser ends December 3rd.