Souza Adoption


Hello All! We are the Souza family! Jarrod is a business development manager for a drill bit company here in good ol' Oklahoma. I, Rebecca am an interior stylist for an awesome design firm here in Edmond, called Modern Whimsy Interiors. Lily is our 6 year old, she loves school, art, piano and her newest interest is hip hop! (: Jett is our 4 year old sweetheart. He loves everything boy, superheros, cars, dinosaurs, space ships. Thanks for visiting our page!
Our Ethiopian adoption is an exciting topic in our family. My daughter reasures me daily that when our new baby gets here i wont have to do anything! Because she is going to take care of him/her. She has a box of her "babyish" toys and clothes set aside for them when they get here. We are currently on the waitlist for a boy or girl or sibling group from Ethiopia! We got the exciting call from our agency that we had been wait listed on February 17, 2012!  Our journey to adopt started with a prayer that God would break our hearts for the things that break his. As we prayed this prayer, God began to show us the need there was for families to adopt orphans. Jesus says in his Word that He has a special place in His heart for the fatherless that he will care for them. God uses His people to help others, and if His people dont begin to step up and take care of these precious gifts from God, WHO WILL? So here we are counting down the days until we can travel to meet our sweet baby! 
Please use discount code "Souza" and 25% of your purchase will go to our adoption. $15 of every adoption shirt will also go towards our cause. Thank you and God bless!