Supporting Dan Lim

 With 55,000 international students and scholars from all over the earth, Los Angeles is the global hub for the future movers and shakers of the world. In fact, 40% of current world leaders were once international students in America. Away from kin and country, international students are aliens in the land, dealing with culture shock, language barriers, social displacement and loneliness in addition to the many practical difficulties inherent in a move to a new country. 60% of these students come from 10/40 Window nations and 30% from countries that have been closed off to the Gospel for decades. International Students, Inc. (ISI) is a national Christian Non-Profit Organization that exists to chare the love of Christ with international students. My specific role as an Area Mobilizer with ISI is twofold:

1)      To encourage and equip local churches to join God’s great global plan by aiding in the formation of church based international student ministry teams.

2)      To equip and train Christian international students to advance the Kingdom in their home communities as they return to their home countries and beyond. 

 Type my name "Dan" in the discount code box, and you will get a 5% discount and 20% of the purchase will support my wife and I as we minister the Gospel to these international students.

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