The Piper's Adoption

I have to say that when Troy and I first started discussing adoption, we obviously didn't want to put a lot of stipulations on it, but we had hopes.  We had hopes of adopting from a country that we feel connected, but we quickly learned all the requirements and stipulations countries put on adoptive parents.  We had hopes of contentment and peace.  Now I am not saying that we didn't have peace and contentment with our decision, but it's in those moments that you have given God control and you know He has a plan, that peace and contentment, whatever the situation is, is there.  Our choice of adopting from China was basically out of necessity, as it seemed it was the only country that we would EVENTUALLY meet requirements.  Our hearts were into adoption, wherever that may lead, the country, to us, seemed like a minor decision compared to the depths of the situation.  With that said, in the last year I have been to Haiti twice, and fully intend to go back every year.  The first time I went I started a bracelet business, Espwa Bracelets, with then 7, now 9, ladies of the Grand Savaan area.  With my love for Haiti and it's people, it just seemed natural to us, and to others who know us well, that we would have wanted to adopt from Haiti, but the requirements to adopt from Haiti were quite strict and the timeframe was YEARS, not a year, not a year and a half, like, you would be lucky to get your child in two and a half years!!  So, initially that was out of the our eyes that is. So we agreed to China and we would just have to wait to submit paperwork until I was 30.   Fast forward to yesterday, November 27th, I was on Facebook and saw a post by a friend, who is also an adoptive parent, about shopping at Family Christian Bookstores this coming weekend as 10% of sales were going to an organization that works just with adoptions in Haiti.  I was just curious what this group was about so I nosed through their website and found myself on their adoptive parent requirements.   The requirements GREATLY differed from what I had previously read on Haiti, and since I knew they only worked with Haiti, I was curious, very curious, but was not getting my hopes up.  This lead me to do additional research and I found that on August 29th,  2013, Haitian parliament signed a new law into effect lowering the marriage requirement to 5 years and age requirement that only 1 spouse had to be 30 AND they had changed the timeframe to 12-18 months (instead of 24-48 months) !!!! I instantly texted Troy and I could literally feel his excitement through the phone!!  Could this be??  I did some additional research and found that INDEED it is so true and that this NEW law had been signed August 29th, 2013 and rolled out November 18th, 2013!!  Literally, last week.   I got home and Troy and I just hugged and were overwhelmed with excitement! God had moved a mountain for the sake of Haiti, and He had us right where He wanted us, open and willing and trusting in Him.  We meet the requirements and can get everything started NOW, and our hearts have always been in Haiti!  So here's to the first of many curves in our adoption adventure!!  Our "plans" may change, but His plan has been in place and so long as we let go and let Him, it will always work.

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