What is Zoe International?

Our Mission

ZOE Children’s Homes is an international organization that rescues and cares for children who are sold, or at risk of being sold, into prostitution slavery; orphaned, or victims of other heinous crimes and abuse-worldwide.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be an effective participant in ending human trafficking of children worldwide.  It is to go wherever children are at risk, to provide rescue, a hope and a future for them.

Our commitment to these children is long-term.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we support and provide for our children all the basic necessities of life. This includes, but is not limited to nurture, meals, shelter, education, hygiene items, medical, dental and emergency care, clothing and shoes.

We have been in the process of raising money to acquire, develop and build a new facility to support 500 plus children. Phase 1 was complete in August 2010 thanks to many generous donors.  We have Thai nationals as full time staff, childcare workers, and translators, as well volunteers from outside nations.

Our plan and vision is to develop this larger facility, with a home- feel, as well as a working farm to serve our children, and the community, educational facilities, vocational training, athletic equipment, etc.

As this plan is executed and succeeds in opening opportunities for our children in Thailand, we will duplicate it in other nations dealing with the human trafficking issue amongst children.


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