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God's Comfort Zoe HEARTwork (Recipe Card Craft)

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Teach your kids about God's comfort and reach out to others through the power of cooking!  This is a simple devotion to do as you shepherd your kids at home.  It also includes a 3 different designs for recipe cards. We pray that this encourages your faith! 

Here is a sample of the teaching, " What's your favorite comfort food? For our family, there's one meal that we love anytime; we love it while camping, we love it on cold winter nights, we love it on warm nights after swimming, we love it before or after soccer games, and every person in our family has helped to cook it. For us, it's Japanese curry. Something about the carrots and potatoes simmered in that kind of sweet, kind of spicy sauce, served over white rice and topped with crunchy garlic just brings up good memories and good times. It's a meal that comforts.

Paul wrote a letter to his friends, the Corinthians, about how God is the ultimate comforter..."